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Q. How important is the windshield to ANY vehicle – foreign, domestic, semi truck, sports car, company van – and why does it warrant 24-hour emergency service?

A. Things you did not know about your windshield
Your windshield is much more than a piece of glass. It is a vital part of your car's safety equipment, engineered for strength and visibility.
Studies show your windshield can provide up to 30% of a vehicle's structural strength. If you are in an accident, you rely on your windshield and your vehicle airbag's function. Driver and passenger-side airbags bounce off the windshield before expanding to protect you and the passenger. If your windshield is damaged or poorly installed, the force of the airbag can pop it out of the frame during a crash.
All windshields are tinted. Hold a piece of white paper behind your windshield to see the color. Windshields are made of layers of glass. Early car windshields were just regular glass. This made them very dangerous when they shattered in a crash. Modern windshields have a plastic layer laminated between two layers. If the glass shatters, the pieces stay safely stuck to the plastic layer for safety.

Q. even if a windshield is repaired properly, is it as strong as an undamaged windshield?

A. Side Window or Car Window
Unlike a windshield, normally, if your car's side window or door glass gets damaged or vandalized, it will need to be replaced.
5 Star Auto Glass guarantees the glass for your side window replacement is as good as the original piece of glass we are replacing. We only use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or OEM-equivalent glass. It meets the high quality standards for all our work, including side window replacement.
The replacement procedure takes less than one hour and can be done via in-shop service or convenient mobile service to your home or office. We clean and vacuum all broken glass inside and out.
Windshield Repair
The windshield repair process involves the injection of resin into the damaged part of the glass. The success of each windshield repair varies depending on the age of damage, point of impact area (such as line of vision), cracks around the damage, and moisture or dirt in the damaged area. The best outcomes are obtained when the damage is current.
All windshield repairs are warrantied for 30 days from date of service (nontransferable warranty). If the spot where the windshield was repaired cracks further within 30 days of warranty, the price of repair is credited toward purchase of a new windshield from 5 Star Auto Repair. If you used an insurance company for repair, that insurance company will be credited.

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